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SDN interoperate Legacy LAN

MPLS Supplement

Affordably increase your bandwidth by adding commodity internet links to your MPLS connection, forming a hybrid WAN connection. Our technology bonds all your connections together, enabling session-persistent, user-transparent hot failover. QoS support, bandwidth control, and traffic prioritization gives you total control over your network.

MPLS Alternative

Achieve faster speeds and greater reliability while paying only 20% of traditional WAN costs by connecting multiple ADSL, 3G, and 4G LTE links. Choose a topology that suits your requirements while a meshed topology can reduce your bandwidth overhead by enabling your devices to form Unbreakable VPN connections directly with each other.

Hybird WAN Optimization

A hybrid WAN can be an interconnect point with your data centre and an application origin and/or exist side-by-side with your existing network and make it easier to move fully software defined global private WAN, but until your contracts expire.