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SDN in the IoT

Real Estate Connectivity (Smart Building)

Provide tenants with redundant, efficient access to mission-critical applications and services. Differentiate property companies to gain an advantage over competitors. Reduce cost and increase performance and reliability over last-mile access connectivity. Accelerate the transition to “smart” buildings.

Media Centre Connectivity (Smart Content Delivery)

Smart Content Delivery Service provides a cost effective way of delivering your video content globally via the internet, live or on-demand.  We adopt the latest software and hardware, multiple choices of premium internet bandwidth and world class cloud-based platforms to provide the most effective and efficient way of sending your videos.

Payment Centre Connectivity (Smart Payment)

Our leading payment platform, is dedicated to provide efficient and professional cross-border online and offline payment service to global e-commerce users;
e.g. A user may use RMB currency to purchase the products sold by Merchant in foreign currencies, and Merchant may receive corresponding transaction funds of the products through out our integrated service.